Barry Elmes


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Barry Elmes: (drums)

Mike Murley (tenor, soprano saxophones)

Kevin Turcotte (trumpet, flugelhorn)

Kevin Turcotte (trumpet)

Terry Lukiwski (trombone)

Ed Bickert (guitar)

Gary Williamson (piano)

Jim Vivian (bass)

Steve Wallace (bass)

'Climbing' is the Juno Award nominated first album by Barry Elmes, featuring legendary guitarist Ed Bickert and seven other award-winning Canadian jazz musicians. Digitally re-mastered, this new edition features all 10 of the original compositions.  

" impressive in its depth and breadth." 

Mark Miller
The Globe and Mail

 "Barry Elmes proves Tony Willams isn't the only drummer that can hold a pen as adroitly as his stick." 

  Larry Hollis
Cadence Magazine
















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Suite  (Elmes) 5:43 
1. Now or Never   10:21
2. Feelings in Exile   5:40
3. Nothing Changes   8:31
4. Memorial   2:30
5. Climbing   5:51

6. Fat Cat  (Elmes)   9:13
7.It's Goodbye Charlie (Elmes) 5:38

Solar Wind  (Elmes) 6:35


The New Shim Sham Shimmy (Elmes)  6:38


Leviathan (Elmes) 5:24