Tom & Don Vickery:
Double Take
Cover art Tom & Don Vickery

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Tom Vickery (piano)

Don Vickery (drums)

Pat Collins (bass)

Dave Caldwell (sax)

Although individually Tom and Don Vickery can be heard on dozens of recordings, “Double Take” is their first project together. The trio performs nine jazz standards plus one original song by alto saxophonist Dave Caldwell (who appears on two songs).


Weaver of Dreams (Young/Elliot) 5:18

2. Circus (Alter/Russell) 3:38
3. Why Did I choose You (Leonard/Martin) 3:40
4. It's You or No One (Styne/Cahn) 2:48
5. I Want a Little Girl (Mencher/Moll) 5:51
6. 61 Chestnut Street (Caldwell) 5:01
7. Once in Awhile (Edwards/Green) 5:13
8. Stealin' Apples (Waller/Razaf) 5:23
9. Old Folks(Robinson/Hill) 7:03
10. I Thought About You (VanHeusen/Mercer) 6:35
11. Morning of Carnival: Black Orpheus (Bonfa/Maria) 5:08
12. I'm Old Fashioned (Kern/Mercer) 3:28