Mark Eisenman:
Sweet & Lovely
Cover art: Mark Eisenman


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Temperance (W. Kelly) 5:40

2. Willow Weep For Me (A. Ronnel) 6:40
3. Invitation (Kaper, Brownislaw) 7:08
4. Reflection in “D” (E. Ellington) 3:44
5. Sosumi (M. Eisenman) 7:37
6. Bird’s Assurance (M. Eisenman) 5:11
7. Sweet & Lovely (Arnheim, Lemare, Tobias) 5:10
8. You Don’t Know What Love Is (Depaul, Raye) 7:00
9. Gilt Be All Thy Stars (M. Eisenman) 5:15
10. Someday My Prince Will Come (Churchill, Morey) 6:36


Mark Eisenman (piano)

Pat Collins (bass)

Jimmy Cobb (drums)

In January, 2003, drummer, Jimmy Cobb, one of the legendary performers on the seminal Miles Davis album, Kind of Blue, was in Toronto for the IAJE Conference.

Mark Eisenman astutely realized that Jimmy’s presence at the conference presented him with an opportunity to initiate a project with one of his all-time idols. So he arranged a recording session with Jimmy enlisting the able assistance of one of his local counterparts and contemporaries, the equally well known and well respected bassist, Pat Collins.

The result? A genuinely rewarding performance by a trio formed, out of the blue, by a jazz pianist with a profound respect for this music and an equally accomplished skill at communicating it in the most unpretentious and heart-felt manner.