Barry Elmes:
cover 137

Barry Elmes (drums)

Mike Murley (saxophone)

Kevin Turcotte (trumpet)

Reg Schwager (guitar)

Steve Wallace (bass)

with special guests:
Kelly Jefferson (flute & saxophone)
Vanessa Rodrigues (organ)
"... a blast of modern mainstream Jazz..."

Jerome Wilson
Cadence Magazine


"Barry Elmes is back rocking one of this city's best jazz groups... REDSHIFT is through and through a fantastic jazz album."

The Purple Cabbage


"Redshift is chock-ful of first-rate solos and compositional surprises..."

Bill Milkowski


"Redshift...a nine-tun session showcasing leading jazzmen at the top of their game."

Geoff Chapman
The Wholenote




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Reading Week (Barry Elmes) 8:35

2. Stumpy (Barry Elmes)9:12
3. Brief Sanctuary (Barry Elmes)4:45

Redshift (Barry Elmes) 6:33


The Reincarnation Of Ratboy (Barry Elmes) 6:42

6. Theme For Sterling Hayden (Barry Elmes) 6:48
7. This Is For Albert (Wayne Shorter) 4:53
8. The Brush-off (Barry Elmes) 5:31
9. Abide With Me (W.H. Monk - traditional) 4:19