Jim Vivian
Sometime Ago
cover 147

Mike Murley (saxophone)

John Abercrombie (guitar)

Jim Vivian (bass)

Ian Froman (drums)

John was the most human of masters. His gift was as much about creating the environment in which the music could exist as it was about the playing itself. He was an inspiration on to many levels, over so many years.
Jim Vivian
















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Everything I Love (C. Porter) 7:33

2. In Your Own Sweet Way (D. Brubeck) 7:15
3. Ma Bel (K. Wheeler) 6:54

Nardis (M. Davis) 8:20


Another Ralph’s (J. Abercrombie) 8:02

6. Petty Harbour Bait Skiff (J. Grace) 6:14
7. Stellaluna (J. Vivian) 5:02
8. Sometime Ago (S. Mihanovich) 8:24