Pat Collins
Time Well Spent
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Tom Szczesniak (accordion)

Reg Schwager (guitar)

Pat Collins (bass)

A unique new jazz trio recording by bassist Pat Collins, featuring Tom Scczesniak (accordion) and Reg Schwager (guitar). The program of 10 tracks features 6 new compositions (4 by Collins, 2 by Szczesniak, and 2 by Schwager) plus 1 song each by Paul Simon and Michel Legrand.
















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Time Well Spent (P. Collins) 7:09

2. Larry's Lament (T. Szczesniak) 4:52
3. Maybe Tomorrow (P. Collins) 4:32

Between the Lines (P. Collins) 6:19


Still Crazy After All These Years (P. Simon) 5:10

6. Contrail (R. Schwager) 3:54
7. Back Country (P. Collins) 4:13
8. After Ben (T. Szczesniak) 6:49
9. One for Jerry (R. Schwager) 5:00
10. You Must Believe in Spring (M. Legrand) 5:31