Time Warp
Down To Earth
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Al Henderson (bass)

Barry Elmes (drums)

Bob Brough (alto & tenor sax)

Mike Murley (soprano & tenor sax)

‘This is TIME WARP’s long lost 1985 third recording featuring the original trio (Bob Brough/tenor sax, Al Henderson/bass, Barry Elmes/drums) now expanded to a quartet with the addition of saxophonist Mike Murley. A landmark recording that showcases the quartet’s powerful 'two tenor' sound and ten new compositions (five each by co-leaders Elmes and Henderson), it was originally made available in 1985 only as a 'cassette' to fans at gigs (although a decade later a few tunes appeared on CD105-2 The Time Warp Collection). Now, more than thirty-five years later, the original multi-track tapes have been found, restored, re-mixed and re-mastered, and the full program finally released digitally for the first time. This is also multiple JUNO Award winner Mike Murley’s first jazz recording.

REVIEW: “Stunningly original compositions…music that is solidly rooted in the hard bop idiom of Sonny Rollins, Charles Mingus and Thelonious Monk. This is a serious jazz band with consistently high artistic standards that also shows a highly developed sense of humour in its compositions.”

 John Reid 
















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Blue Mustard (6:11) 

2. Sonny’s Tune (4:23)
3. Black Koto (3:03)

Solar Wind (5:11)


Backlash (2:55)


Cetology (4:39)


Muddy’s Blues (6:39)


Nightwing (2:40)


Clunker 7:26

10. The Huckster (3:34)

Tracks 1-4,6 - Barry Elmes Tracks 5, 7-10 - Al Henderson