Ed Bickert – Lorne Lofsky Quartet
Ed Bickert & Lorne Lofsky
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Ed Bickert (guitar)

Lorne Lofsky (guitar)

Neil Swainson (bass)

Jerry Fuller (drums)

This is the 1985 recording featuring the inaugural pairing of two phenomenal jazz guitarists, Ed Bickert and Lorne Lofsky, performing together in a quartet setting with Neil Swainson (bass) and Jerry Fuller (drums). Originally released on vinyl (Unisson DDA-1002), this long out-of-print session has now been re-mastered for digital release in 2022 by Cornerstone Records Inc.  

The program features nine carefully chosen tunes: seven jazz ‘standards’, one composition by bassist Neil Swainson, plus another by Steve Swallow. With Ed Bickert and Jerry Fuller no longer with us, this release provides a great opportunity to hear this wonderful quartet at its peak.
















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Morning Star (R. Grant) 7:08 

2. I Remember You (J. Mercer, V. Schwertzinger)   4:05 

Port of Spain (N. Swainson) 4:32


Falling Grace (S. Swallow) 3:10


The Cupbearers (T. McIntosh)  3:33


Bittersuite (S. Jones) 5:28


Up with the Lark (L. Robin, J. Kern)  6:35


Crazy She Calls Me (C. Sigman, B. Russell)  4:20


Bean and the Boys (C. Hawkins) 5:10